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  2. Factories Act 1948

Factories Act, 1948

1.Applicability of the Act

Any premises whareon 10 or more persons with the aid of power or 20 or more workers are/were without aid of power working on any day preceding 12 rnonths, wherein Manufacturing process is being carried on. Sec. 2(ll)

2.Employer to ensure health of workers pertaining to


Disposal of wastes and effluents


Artificial humidification


Drinking water

Secs. 11 to 20

3.Registration & Renewal of Factories ate of Contribution of the wages

To be granted by Chief Inspector of Factories on submission of prescribed form, fee and plan.
Sec. 6

4.Safety Measures

Fencing of machinery

Work on or near machinery In motion.

Employment prohibition of young persons on dangerous machines,

Striking gear and devices for cutting off power.

Se if-acting machines,

Casing of new machinery.

Prohibition of employment of women and children near cotton-openers.

Hoists and lifts.
Secs. 21 to 28

5.Working Hours, Spread Over and Overtime of Adults

Weekly hours, not more than 48.

Daily hours not more than 9 hours

Intervals for rest at least 1/2 hour on working for 5 hours

Spreadover not more than 101/2 hours

Overlapping shifts prohibited.

Extra Wages for overtime double than normal rate of wages

Restrictions on employment of women before 6 A.M. and beyond 7 P.M.

Secs. 51,54 to 56,59 & 60

6.Welfare Measures

Washing facilities

Facilities for storing and drying clothing.

First-aid appliances-one first aid box (not less than one) for every 150 workers

Canteens when there are 250 or more workers.

Shelters, rest rooms and lunch rooms when there are 150 or more workers.

Creches when there are 30 or more women workers.

Welfare office when there are 500 or more workers.

Secs. 42 to 49

7.Employment of Young Persons

Prohibition of employment of young children e.g. 14 years.

Non-adult workers to Carry tokens e.g. certificate of fitness.

First-aid appliances-one first aid box (not less than one) for every 150 workers
Secs. 67, 68 & 71

8.Annual Leave with Wages

A worker having worked for 240 days @ one day for every 20 days and for a child one day for working of 15 days,

Accumulation of leave for 30 days.
Secs. 67, 68 & 71


Penalties     Secs. 92 to 106A

For contravention of the provisions of the Act or Rules.

Imprisonment upto 2 year or fine upto Rs. 1,00,000 or both.

On continuation of contravention

Rs. 1000 per day.

On contravention of Chapter IV pertaining to safety or dangerous operations.

Not less than Rs. 25,000 in case of death.

Not less than Rs. 5,000 in case of serious injuries.

Subsequent contravention of some provisions.

Imprisonment upto 3 years or fine not less than Rs. 10,000 which may extend to Rs. 2,00,000.

Obstructing Inspectors

Imprisonment upto 6 months or fine upto Rs. 10,000 or both.

Wrongful disclosing result pertaining to results of analysis.

Imprisonment upto 6 months or fine upto Rs. 10,000 or both.

For contravention of the provisions of Secs. 41B, 41C and 41H
pertaining to compulsory disclosure of information by occupier,
specific responsibility of occupier or right of workers to work imminent danger.

Imprisonment upto 7 years with fine upto Rs. 2,00,000 and on continuation fine @ Rs. 5,000 per day.

Imprisonment upto 10 years when contravention continues for one year.

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